Note: Ignore the left/right arrow formatting (i.e. size etc). The arrows currently in use on Beta site are good.
1. Carousel starts with slide one in the first left spot.
2. Do not autoplay slides. Upon click or swipe slides move one slide at a time at 500ms to the left.
3. Carousel does not reverse direction. Should loop back to the left with slide one, and is a continuous motion to the left.
4. As browser width increases reviews are added or subtracted at breakpoints. Mobile is always one slide.
5. Note that the images are never cropped. Slides scale and adjust (by adding or subtracting number of slides) according to breakpoints.
6. Margin between slides remains relatively consistent and is set to be about 2.5% of slide width left and right. This keeps slide margin to 20px - 25px as browser window resizes.